Magnetic separators

The common operating principle of all magnetic separators and the main purpose of magnetic filtration is to separate the steel particles from the filtered material.

Separators are constructed on the basis of neodymium or ferrite magnets. As magnetic filtration is required in many places and circumstances, there are many separator models adapted to various applications and needs.

Why is it worth, why is it necessary?
During manufacturing and processing procedures, there may be a risk of contamination of the production line with unwanted steel elements such as staples, filings, pieces of wire and many others. The source of contamination may take place both in inclusions in raw materials and semi-finished products, as well as in the logistic or technological process. The purpose and effect of magnetic separators is the effective and possibly easy-to-use separation of undesirable steel particles, protecting the line and the final product against their negative effects, such as damage to machines, downtime in the process or reputational losses.

Below you will find the most common examples of magnetic separator models from our offer.

Rotary separators
Magnetic rollers
Drum separators
Magnetic beams
Plate separators
Pressure flow separators
Flow separators
Threshold separators
Conical separators
Drawer separators
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