Pressure flow separators

Magnetic high-pressure flow separators

Similarly, to ordinary pressure separators, they have magnetic rollers with a high density of magnetic field in their bodies. They are adapted to work in conditions of higher pressure reaching 8 to 10 bar depending on the model, and thus also to filter semi-liquid materials. All magnetic rollers are covered with acid-proof stainless-steel casings, which, if required by the customer, are subjected to a finishing treatment that allows to obtain an aseptic surface, required in the food industry and meeting the HACCP standards.


Location of the separator

Pneumatic transport

Example application

Filtration of liquid and semi-liquid food products
Filtration of liquid and semi-liquid industrial products
Filtration of coolants, lubricants and technical cleaning materials


Adaptation to work in high pressure conditions
Magnetic filtration also of semi-liquid materials
Uniform filtration of all flowing material
Very high magnetic induction across the filtered surface

Magnetic filter for 8 bar pressure


Angular magnetic filter made of acid-proof stainless steel with tri-clamp connections

In addition to the standard models available in the online shop, we manufacture customised devices for individual industrial line dimensions.

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