Drum separators

Magnetic drum separators

They are used for automatic separation of steel elements from fine and medium-grained bulk materials. Inside the separator, there is a magnetic drum rotating at an adjusted speed with grippers, which catch and reject steel particles at the right moment.
This solution is very often used for cleaning various materials from steel elements and particles, but it is also excellent in the recycling industry for recovering steel from waste materials.
The drum is driven by an electric motor, allowing continuous operation of the separator without unnecessary downtime for cleaning.


Location of the separator

Gravity transport
Conveyor transport

Example application

Purification of raw materials for the production of alternative fuels
Recovery of scrap from municipal waste
Recovery of wires from rubber granules in the tyre recycling process
Recovery of metals in the glass and PVC recycling process
Purification of pellets both in production and in power plants
Capture of metals from materials processed in mills, crushers


High performance
Automatic cleaning
Universal use

Neodymium drum separator with 500 mm drum diameter

In addition to the standard models available in the online shop, we manufacture customised devices for individual industrial line dimensions.

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