Magnets with handle

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We manufacture and distribute magnetic separators and devices since 1998.

Magnets with handle

In response to our customers' needs, we also offer neodymium and ferrite magnets enclosed in full and half-covers with an additional handle for comfortable use. Such tools have various shapes and sizes in order to meet the challenges they fest in the best way.
In our shop you will find, among others:
magnetic rollers with handle cover made of stainless steel and acid-proof stainless steel,
magnetic holders with handle,
rollers with handle and easy-to-clean mechanism for collected elements.
Depending on the model, our tools have a wide range of use. From work in chemical laboratories to magnetic checking of raw materials at scrap yards. If you have any problems with selecting the right product, we recommend contacting our sales department.

Example products

Magnetic holder with 120 kg load capacity


Extended magnetic roller


Magnetic roller with handle in sealed stainless-steel cover


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