Drawer separators

Magnetic drawer separators

Drawer separators function as a magnetic screen, separating any ferromagnetic (steel) impurities from the filtered material.
Depending on the need, they can have from one to even four levels of magnetic rods. The levels, as well as the rods themselves, in our products can be pulled out separately or simultaneously. Magnetic rods consist of properly matched neodymium magnets with very high magnetic induction, enclosed in protective tubes with thin walls. Additionally, to meet individual customer needs, we also use distributors in our separators. They ensure even distribution of the filtered material over the entire surface of the magnetic screen in order to achieve the best possible degree of filtration and avoid the formations blockages.
Acid-proof magnet covers are carefully finished in order to obtain an aseptic surface, thanks to which our magnetic separators are successfully used in the food industry, meeting the HACCP standards.
All our devices undergo magnetic induction tests, achieving high results both on the surface of the magnetic rods and throughout the entire separator body.


Location of the separator

Gravity transport
Pneumatic transport
In vertical chutes

Example application

Grain filtration
Granulate filtration
Flour filtration
Plastic filtration
Powder coatings filtration
Wood chip and dust filtration


Easy to clean
Very intense magnetic field density
Design of non-standard connections
No power supply required - operate with permanent magnets

rawer separator with track and square connection


Drawer separator with two levels of magnetic cores and circular connection

In addition to the standard models available in the online shop, we manufacture customised devices for individual industrial line dimensions.

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