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What do we do?

We have been successfully manufacturing magnetic separators and magnetic devices since 1998. Our products have been appreciated by many domestic and foreign companies.
We specialize in solving the problem of separating iron from bulk and liquid materials in many branches of industry, as well as in producing non-standard magnetic devices and parts for a very wide range of customers (from devices for airports or theatres, through magnetic parts for industrial robots to tools for divers or the recycling industry).
Many years of experience and cooperation with research centres, universities and, above all, our customers, allows us to offer solutions which are technologically refined and practical in use.

Why us?

Quality and trust

One of our main values is to build trust in our company by offering the best products and services that meet the expectations and preferences of our customers. We make every effort to ensure that the customer is 100% satisfied with the final product.

Flexible approach

When you contact us, you can be sure of complete professionalism and commitment. We approach each order individually. Our engineers are passionate about engineering and mechanics and are not afraid of challenges.

Satisfied Employee = Satisfied Customer

We assume that the success of a company lies in its employees. We believe that professional, motivated and positive-minded employees are the key to the company's development and their approach will translate into customer satisfaction.

Magnetic separation

We realise that you are faced with the difficult choice of an appropriate method for separating metal contaminants from the raw materials or final products you produce or process.

That is why we meet your expectations. We are at your disposal both if you need to select suitable equipment for an already operating plant, as well as design a separation line from scratch.

You can find out more about the different methods of metal separation here.

Regardless of whether magnetic separation is essential in your production process and you are looking for robust equipment at a reasonable price, or whether such requirements are imposed by the auditing company, we will try to guide you through the process as carefully as possible.

Magnetic tools and parts

In our offer you will find a range of standard tools based on permanent magnets, such as magnetic grippers, wipers, brushes, rollers or laboratory instruments meeting to repeated needs. However, not only once in our history we have encountered a situation when our customers needed such an unusual solution, device or part that we created it for them individually. Contrary to stereotypes, an unusual solution does not have to be very expensive.

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