Rotary separators

Magnetic rotary separators

They are used to filter steel impurities from the poured material. This type of separator consists of magnetic rods mounted on a rotating axis. During the magnetic filtration process, the rods smoothly rotate in the separator at a suitably adjusted speed. This reduces the risk of clogging of the separator and also (in the case of filtration of materials with high hardness) reduces the wear rate of the magnetic rod covers, which are not continuously flooded with material on one side.
We also make separators adapted to work according to HACCP standards.


Location of the separator

Gravity transport
Conveyor transport


Loose and liquid materials, in particular:

materials with an increased probability of building residues
abrasive and high hardness materials


Rotary mechanism to prevent clogging
High magnetic field density throughout the separator body
Customised connector design

Rotary separator with 6 magnetic rods

In addition to the standard models available in the online shop, we manufacture customised devices for individual industrial line dimensions.

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