Conical separators

Magnetic conical separators

Also known as cylindrical or tubular separators. They are used, among others, in gravity chutes, pipelines and pneumatic installations. They are used to capture metal elements from granulates, powders, grindings, as well as gypsum, cement, grog, clinker, fodder, grain, flour, sugar, starch, shavings, sawdust, etc. Steel impurities are trapped under the protruding rings on which the magnetic energy is concentrated.
We also make models adapted to the food industry, in which the entire separator is made of acid-proof stainless steel.
This separator model requires manual cleaning.


Location of the separator

Gravity transport
Pneumatic transport
In vertical chutes

Example application

Salt filtration
Spice filtration
Grit filtration
Sawdust filtration
Plastic filtration
Grain filtration
Fertilisers filtration


High performance
Even distribution of filtered material
Adapted for pneumatic transport
No power supply required - operate on permanent magnets

Acid-proof stainless steel conical (tubular) separator


Acid-proof stainless steel conical (tubular) separator

In addition to the standard models available in the online shop, we manufacture customised devices for individual industrial line dimensions.

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