Magnetic separators are used for purification, sorting, recycling and processing. They are used to separate metal (ferrous) components from bulk and liquid (pourable) materials. They are built on the basis of neodymium or ferrite magnets.

They are an effective and simple way of magnetic filtration. In our offer you will find a wide range of separators adapted to various industries and needs.

Depending on the selected model and design, they can be used to filter bulk materials such as cereals, flour, plastic granulates, liquids such as cooling liquids, chocolate, milk, and aggregates such as crushed stone or coal.


We offer a wide range of magnetic tools, both for individual users and for industrial use.

We manufacture tools such as magnetic grippers and holders, rollers, laboratory magnets, devices for cleaning the ground from steel impurities, devices for scrap purchase or for divers.

If you do not find the device you are interested in or the size you need in our offer, please let us know. As a direct manufacturer, we can manufacture our products to individual orders and dimensions.


As a direct importer of magnetic raw materials, we can offer our customers very good prices for various types of neodymium and ferrite magnets.

Both generate a concentrated magnetic field, although they differ in sinter composition, impact force, resistance to high temperatures, and cost of production.

Both can be found in our offer in a wide range of shapes and dimensions.

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