Magnetic holders

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We manufacture and distribute magnetic separators and devices since 1998.

Magnetic holders

Magnetic holders consist of a magnet and a steel casing. A steel, appropriately sized magnet housing allows to obtain a closed magnetic circuit between the edge and the magnet itself. This results in a better concentration of the field in one direction, which in turn allows for a very high attraction force of the holder. In addition, the steel casing protects the magnet from impacts and damage and also makes the whole device handy and comfortable to use.
Our company is a precursor of the production of magnetic holders in Poland. We have more than 15 years of experience in this field. In our online shop, you will find many sizes and versions of available magnetic holders. Both in a version with a neodymium magnet or in a version with a ferrite magnet.
However, if you need a any other dimensions, please contact our sales department. We also process individual orders quickly and efficiently.

Example products

Magnetic holder with 85 kg load capacity and internal thread


Magnetic holder with 350 kg load capacity and eye


Double-sided magnetic holder in the underwater search set


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