What are the devices for the magnetic separation of metals?

What are the devices for the magnetic separation of metals?

Magnetic separators are extremely useful devices that are used in various industries. Thanks to them, it is possible to remove any metal contamination and to precisely filter the product stream. Metal pollution is essentially foreign bodies of various sizes – often so small that we cannot see them with the naked eye. These types of elements can enter the production line and must then be separated from the finished products. Most often on the production line there are pieces of iron or steel, nails, staples, screws, nuts, bolts, worn parts of moving parts, tiny particles of rust or corroded materials. In order for the product leaving the plant to be free from such dangerous flaws, magnetic separators are used.

How does it work?

Devices of this type use the extraordinary force of magnetic attraction to effectively clean the production line of contamination.

Types of devices for the magnetic separation of metals:

Separators for loose materials
They are used for cleaning loose materials, such as: grains, flour, sugar, plastic granules or powder paints. These can be devices that use pressure transport (designed for cleaning loose materials that are transported pneumatically). There are also devices that use gravity or conveyor transport (all beams, rollers, plates).
Separators for liquid materials
They are used to filter liquids of different densities. They are simple devices that catch iron particles from various types of liquids. They can be found in the food industry, where they are used to clean liquid chocolate, mayonnaise or fruit preserves from metal contamination. They are also used in industrial machine tools or grinders, where they clean cooling liquid from iron particles. They are also used to purify fuels and acetone.

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