Separators for liquid materials – characteristics

Separators for liquid materials – characteristics

Magnetic separators for liquid materials have one very important task – they must clean liquids of different densities from possible ferromagnetic (iron) impurities. They are used in the food industry to clean mayonnaise, liquid chocolate or fruit preserves, as well as to clean fuel, coolants and acetone.

Unpleasant consequences of not using separators

Without them, customers would find products in which they could come across unpleasant and dangerous to their health, and often life, metal filings and other small contaminants. Thanks to the work of metal separators, we get products of the desired quality from manufacturers, without such unpleasant surprises.

For producers, removing this type of contamination is not only a guarantee of customer satisfaction, but also a significant saving. Any rejection of a batch is costly, and it can cost even more to withdraw a contaminated product from sale. Metal filings and other ferromagnetic contaminants can also damage production machines, which also generates high costs related to the need to repair them.

A producer who launches products contaminated with iron filings may face costly consequences in the form of suits for damages.

Fluid and semi-fluid materials that flow freely are cleaned using special magnetic filters. They are used to clean: fruit juices, yoghurts, mayonnaise, liquid chocolate, ketchup and many other food industry products, but not only.

How liquid materials are cleaned?

The magnetic filter has a special cartridge in which there are six magnetic cores with a diameter of 25 mm. Thanks to its aseptic design, it can be used in the food industry. It is installed directly in an industrial installation. Its dimensions and capacity can be adjusted to individual customer needs.

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