What are magnetic grippers for?

What are magnetic grippers for?

The invaluable properties of magnets have been known for centuries. They are used in almost all areas of life – from industry, through medicine, to the production of toys. Thanks to them, extremely functional magnetic circuits called grippers are created. They have a wide range of applications in industrial plants, workshops and warehouses. What are magnetic grippers and what are they for?

How magnetic grippers work?

Magnetic grippers are made of two permanent magnets – one of them is stable and the other is movable. The magnetic field is switched on and off using a special lever. The grippers do not need any power supply – internal or external. Their construction uses neodymium magnets, which, despite their small size, generate a very strong magnetic field. Therefore, they easily attract even extremely heavy ferromagnetic materials. This design makes the magnetic grippers relatively small, ergonomic devices that can be operated without much effort.

Magnetic grippers - what they can be used for?

The task of magnetic grippers is to transport, move and lift so-called ferromagnetic materials. What are ferromagnets? They are materials with strong magnetic properties. They can be found practically at every step. These include nickel, cobalt and iron. However, these properties also have different types of steel with a suitable composition, which have a high iron content.

Therefore, magnetic grippers are used to lift elements made of steel. They are widely used in many industries. They can be used to carry sheets, bars, plates, pipes and even rails. They are used in factories, but also shipyards and port docks. They also facilitate work in workshops and warehouses, where heavy equipment is moved. They are indispensable in warehouses and steel warehouses. It is also difficult to imagine the functioning of scrap yards without them.

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